About us

Nave nº1839 is a non profit cultural asociation whose headquarter is a space destined to stimulate the social and cultural fabric. Its vocation is to host and organize events of diverse natures (workshops, talks, screenings, etc) – and its activity area is delimited by its material and human resources.

It’s not squatted, but rented in a conventional market way. Nave 1839 is 100% financed and sustained by the voluntary contributions of its members, either under work or money form.

None of its members, positions nor colaborators receives any kind of economic compensation in return for her/his work. If any economic surplus ever happens, it will exclusively invested in the bettering and widening of its activities and resources, or other uses according to its objectives (such as a solidarity kitty or money pool for other projects).

The people who built and ran the “Casa Tomada”, who conducted this space for two years, are the ones who laid the basis for all this and much more to be possible.

For any question or proposal please send us an email. You can keep track of our monthly agenda following us in our social networks. Sorry, upcoming events only available in Spanish and Galician!

Check our tech rider and directions on how to find us.