About the project

Nave nº1839 is a non profit cultural association in A Coruña, Spain, whose headquarters are a space destined to stimulate the city’s social and cultural fabric. Its vocation is to host and organize events of diverse natures (workshops, talks, screenings, etc).

It’s not squatted, but a regular rental. None of its members, positions nor colaborators receives any kind of economic compensation in return for her/his work. If any economic surplus ever happens, it will exclusively be invested in the bettering and widening of its activities and resources, or other uses according to its objectives (such as a solidarity kitty or money pool for other projects).

Membership requirements

Nave 1839 is a non-profit cultural association, and the activities held at its premises are exclusive to its members. To participate in Nave 1839 activities you need to be a member. You can become a member there at our facilities.

You can delete your data from our database at any moment sending us an email to info@nave1839.org. Our database is protected by Spanish law of data privacy (LOPD). Your information will never be used for anything that doesn’t relate strictly to your status as a member, and won’t be by any means given to third parties.


Please, before submitting your request, read carefully the following information:

Nave 1839 is a non-profit social center, managed entirely by volunteers. We call for all kind of projects: workshops, talks, cinema, meetings, etc. Its will is to provide a space and resources that make possible to certain cultural, artistic and social projects to be presented and developed in the city. Our programming assembly values all the requests received, and chooses among them. Please address your questions and proposals to info@nave1839.org.

Where to find us

Please make sure you check the directions on how to find us.