Upcoming events

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Nave nº1839 is a self-managed community center: a multidisciplinary space, destined to promote the culture, arts, and to nourish the social fabric. It’s not a squat, as we pay our monthly rent, nor a music venue, for its vocation is to host and organize events of diverse natures (workshops, talks, etc). It’s also a non-profit project. None of its members, positions nor colaborators receives any kind of economic compensation in return for her/his work. Nave nº1839 is sustained by the voluntary contributions of its members and sympathisers, either under work or money form. Its benefits are exclusively invested in the bettering and widening of its activities and resources. Yes, we do this because we like it, because we believe in a different way of thinking and doing things, and because we are convinced that it’s important that this work is done.

For any question or proposal, email us at info@nave1839.org. You can keep track of our monthly agenda following us in our social networks.